About Us

Guild Esports (Guild) is a new, global esports business headquartered in London and co-owned by David Beckham. Launched in June 2020, Guild's ambition is to build a culture of excellence, not only with its team of professional athletes, but also around its brand and digital presence. Celebrating and harnessing the diverse and tribal loyalty of sports enthusiasts worldwide, Guild is entering several esports disciplines over the next year, with its inaugural teams competing in the most popular titles, including Rocket League, FIFA and Fortnite.

Core to Guild's strategy of developing a best-in-class esports team, is its establishment of a unique, UK-based talent pipeline for esports athletes, based on the traditional sports academy model. Youth talent will be coached and mentored by industry leaders to enhance their skill sets for professional competition. A lifestyle apparel line developed by renowned, London-based artist Fergus Purcell will also be launched soon, further enhancing the Guild brand identity.